Pvc Fittings Chart Pdf 2021

Pvc Fittings Chart Pdf. *pv and pv fitting are specific to the type of pipe being used; *pv pipe and fittings can be used in hot water applications up to 210 degrees.

pvc fittings chart pdf
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*schedule 40 and 80 pv should be used for water application below 120 degrees; *see guide below this chart for how to measure outside diameter **inside diameter of a socket fitting will be approx.

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1 cut broken conduit off flush. 1) fittings are offered in light grey (lg) and dark grey (dg) colours.

Pvc Fittings Chart Pdf

All pvc pipe sizes listed above are standard nominal pipe size.All the fittings shown in dark grey colour are in 16kgf/cm2 (pn) pressure class.All wiring shall be installed in allied tube & conduit rigid pvc.Allied pvc fittings are manufactured in accordance with nema tc3.

Australian plumbing industry for pvc pipe and fittings beyond australia’s shores, pipe king also has a growing presence in the pacific region.Check & lubricate gasket check gasket to be sure it is compatible for the intended service.Conduit & fittings — carlon ® pvc elbows, conduit & fittings elbows, sweeps and accessories pvc conduit repair system instructions apply a uniform coat of cement.Conduit and secured by means of proper fittings.

Do not mix fittings when assembling the piping system.Due to its excellent rigidity, corrosion and chemical resistance properties, it is also used in many chemical related areas.For boxes ul 514c, for cover plates ul 514d and for enclosures ul 50.For correct pipe and fittings connections, always use pipe and fittings with the same nominal pipe size.

G = (laying length) intersection of center lines to bottom of socket/thread;H = intersection of center lines to face of fitting;High temperature ratings pvc thermoplastic can handle fl uids at service temperatures up to 140°f (60°c), allowing a wide range of process applications, including corrosive fl uids.Imperial bs 4346 part 1 threaded bs 21, iso r7 din 2999, iso uni 228/1 metric iso 727, en 1452, kiwa 54 abs fittings:

Meets astm d 2665 and d 3311.Od of same size pipe 1/2” pipe outside diameter:Pvc 10060b 6” x 20’ 04763520’ 6.625.432 280 psi 532.7 pvc 10080b 8” x 20’ 04766300’ 8.625.500 250 psi 808.9 pvc 10100b 10 ” x 20’ 04769160’ 10.750.593 230 psi 1199.3 pvc 10120b 12 ” x 20’ 04771120’ 12.750.687 230 psi 1650.1 pvc 10140b 14 ” x 20’ 0483260’ 14.000.750 220 psi 1930.0Pvc fittings where gasketed pvc pressure pipe is used in potable water, force main, pressure irrigation, and reclaimed water applications.

Pvc has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance to a broad range of fluids including water, deionized water, most mineral acids, bases, salts and paraffinic hydrocarbon solutions.Pvc is one of the most specified thermoplastics for piping system components, including valves, fittings, flanges and many specialty products.Pvc is one of the thermoplastic materials most frequently specified for a variety of products used in the pipe and fittings industry.Pvc pipe & fittings sizes and dimensions guide (diagrams and charts) this is an epic guide setting out the different types, sizes and dimensions of pvc pipes as well as pvc pipe fittings and couplings.

Pvc schedule 40 fittings & accessories technical information pvc schedule 40 fittings dimensions & information injection molded dimension references:Schedule 40 has a max psi of 358;Schedule 40 ips pvc plastic pipe (1120,1220) pressure loss per 100 feet of (psi) sizes thru 3 wall velocity psi velocity psi velocity velocity psi velocity velocity psi velocity velocity psi 12.61 23.13 7.28 5.35 2.88 3.25 2.28 0.36 1.47 0.12 12.98 24.41 7.50 5.51 304 134 2.34 0.3a 162 72 7.71 77 3.44 0.Schedule 40, schedule 80, & furniture grade pvc pipe

Schedule 40, schedule 80, & furniture grade pvc pipe 3/4” pipe outside diameter:Schedule 80 pvc technical information schedule 80 fittings made in the u.s.a.See product pages for ul listing information.Size in mm available pressure rating in kgf/cm² (pn) available pressure

Sizing chart for pvc fitting covers.The above are combination sizes that fit short and long radius screwed and welded elbows, long radius weld ells, and screwed and welded tees.The company remains committed to the future and looks forward positively to growing with our supply partners.The dimensions are listed in inches unless otherwise noted.

The guide provides information on gasketed pvc fittings that are available for various dimension ratios and outside diameters of.The ul standard for pvc fittings is ul 651;These standards provide the material and test requirements as well as the fitting geometries for pvc fittings.Visitwww.pipeking.com.aufor more information pipeking manufacturing plant located in caringbah, nsw

We include a free pdf version as well as detailed illustrations of everything followed by detailed sizing charts.Where # fittings are not shown on these charts, go to chart in the main catalog and select # fitting from max o.d.†pvc 7600 6”x20’ 03956660’ 6.625 361.2.280 †pvc 7800 8”x10’ 13087180’ 8.625 543.6.322 pvc 7800 † 8”x20’ 03958360’ 8.625 543.6.322